For the start of every new project or new work you need self confidence, determination and responsibility. Working with LITOFINSERVICE improved our professional skills, we have got acquainted with NESTE company technology and principles of work organization.


    In 1995 we have decided to start our own business. Group of specialists, capable to construct various units for processing, storing and selling oil productions, was created. May be it sounds paradoxical, but at that time almoust nobody in Lithuania had an experience in constructing such type of units, which could meet the European standards. Exactly for that reason, our experience with NESTE, one of the biggest Scandinavian fuel Company, was very useful. Actually main customers of DETARNA are ICU and Baltic states. We have well functioning relations with our partners from Byelorussia: concern BELNEFTECHIM and representations from Russian company SLAVNEFT in Byelorussia, other enterprises. We are convinced, that professional experience and qualification of our workers are what you need.  
Readily and gladly we are waiting for you.

Respectfully yours -
Sergejus Rumiancevas
General Director

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